Photographing in Arches National Park

This is a work in progress, as I gather data on the best places and times to snatch pictures. I suggest always using a polarizing filter and the slowest film speeds for maximum color saturation and exposure latitude. I end up being sorry every time I don't use a tripod. ¿et tu?

Photo Tips for Arches National Park
Subject Best Time Comments
Park Avenue Middle to late afternoon The valley is in shadow, east wall is brilliant
Three Gossips Early morning Cliffs behind are beautifully side-lit.
Sheep Rock Morning Spring flowers enhance this monolith.
Balanced Rock Anytime but noon Evening enhances mountains in background
The Windows & Turret Arch Early or late in the day. Morning shots on back side of some arches.
Double Arch Late morning Acceptable results most of the day.
Delicate Arch Late Morning, Late afternoon, Sunset Deep canyon below makes it hard to photograph most of day.
Fiery Furnace Best at Sunset Deep canyon below makes it hard to photograph most of day.
Skyline Arch Morning/late afternoon May walk around behind it for morning shots.
Devil's Garden Early morning/late afternoon Setting sun very desireable.
Landscape Arch Morning Best pictures are from where it's off-limits.
Double O Arch Morning Well worth the hike.
Dark Angel Sunset Bring your own foreground.

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Photo Tips courtesy Brad Weis
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